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From Connections to Influence: The Art of Strategic Networking in Building a Powerful Personal Brand as an Executive Coach

Building and nurturing a strong network is integral to shaping and enhancing your personal brand, particularly in the realms of leadership and career management.   In my journey, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of networking, both face-to-face and through platforms such as LinkedIn.   Networking is not merely a transactional exchange of business cards or […]

You’ve missed out on your dream job

So, you’ve applied for your dream job. You’re convinced that you have everything they want in the successful candidate. You’ve been called by the recruiter, called in for an interview. It went well. You’re called in for an interview with the company. And another interview. As each stage progresses you’re more and more invested in the role – and more and more convinced you’re the only one who has all that the organisation is looking for. Who could be more qualified? Surely nobody! You may even be called to provide referee details and sign up to a background checking process.