Career Transition / Outplacement Programs

Do you want to ensure those leaving the organisation do so feeling as if they have been treated with dignity and respect?

It’s always difficult losing people. Did you know that there is a direct correlation between employee engagement / morale and organisational profitability? Those who survive any change and remain within an organisation are much more focused, and therefore productive, when they know that their colleagues who have left the organisation are well looked after and have support. Offering career transition or outplacement services has a beneficial effect on not only those who are leaving – as they move forward much quicker and find suitable roles more quickly; but also on those remaining employees as they are more productive, less fearful. This is the same for the business as there is less chance of suffering from negative reputational damage.

Career Transition Programs range from eight-week programs through to six-month programs for senior executives or more niche professionals. Although the programs are structured, programs are individualised to meet specific needs as identified by the coach and client.

In addition to the Individual programs as outlined below, workshops can be developed per your needs, which cover elements of the individual programs. These can be a cost effective solution and can be conducted on your site – or offsite – prior to individuals leaving the organisation.

Individual programs are available, contact Jo Attard to find out more.

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