Organisational Consulting

Do you need to make change in your organisation and not want to get caught up in a potential legal minefield by not doing it right?

PeopleEdge can help you work through the process from determining what you need to achieve, developing a new structure, designing an implementation plan, developing the “messages” and coaching managers in delivering the messages.

At the same time, it is important to ‘be there’ to support employees through the process of change, role redundancy and ‘survivor guilt’. We can even provide career transition / outplacement support to those who leave the organisation. By providing a clear structure to allow for change, organisations can reduce the disruption and reduce the risk.

Additionally, PeopleEdge can assist with designing and implementing HR processes for your business – in line with relevant legislation.

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You need to restructure but don’t know how?

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Change Strategy Development & Implementation

Do you know that you need to make change in your structure but not know how to go about it?

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