Career Management Consulting & Career Health Checks

Do you want to find your Career Passion? Need to change career to stay in the workforce? Or just need to find a new job? Perhaps a Career Health Check?

Whatever reason you want to change career path or need to find a new job, PeopleEdge can help you achieve your goal.

A Career Health Check is the ideal way to identify whether you’re on track or to help you get back on track, to achieving your goals.

The world of job search has changed. No longer do you sit at your computer and fire off the same resumé for every job – you’re unlikely to get an interview by doing that. A resumé must be tailored to the specific role to which you’re applying – that’s if, indeed, the role is advertised!

Approximately 70% of jobs are not advertised. So how do you access them? You will learn how to do this and more by working with a PeopleEdge Coach. You’ll learn how to develop a resumé and tailor it – so it’s always up to date and relevant, develop appropriate cover letters, how to find out what hiring managers are looking for, so you can tailor your application to suit. And …. you will develop rapport with hiring managers prior to sending your application in so as to have a stronger likelihood of getting an interview. Of course … then there’s the interview skills – how to answer those pesky questions that recruiters and hiring managers have a habit of asking.

Many people get to mid-40’s and start to think “what’s next” … either they don’t have the drive they once had, want greater flexibility or just want to do something different. What to do? How to transition through career choices? PeopleEdge can help in determining what career to follow and how to access jobs in that career – when you’ve done something different and don’t have experience.

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