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It makes sense to develop your people when you recognise the direct link between employee performance and engagement, customer engagement and profitability. There are a number of ways PeopleEdge can help.

We live and work in a world that’s constantly changing. Organisations often need help with change: from identifying the strategy through to the implementation of change: be it structural or people change. PeopleEdge is highly experienced at partnering with organisations to initiate and implement change, having worked internally and externally with organisations to ensure that ultimately, change is right for the business and the individuals affected are engaged with the change, as well as treated with dignity and respect.

Organisations often benefit from having an external consultant assist them with various activities that they don’t necessarily have the skills internally to manage. It may be a restructure that needs objective eyes and guidance over, or, indeed, an objective coach and confidante to help leaders achieve goals that have eluded them – due to other things getting in the way.

PeopleEdge can partner with you to provide you with advisory services around change, and assist your employees with Executive, Leadership & Workplace Coaching; Career Management / Development Consulting – either one on one or via workshops; Career Transition / Outplacement Services; Team Development Coaching – and profiling using DiSC and Hogan Assessments. Workshops can also be conducted in the area of Networking Skills – for Career Success or Business Success – to best support strategic networking efforts of your employees.

Ensuring you have the right people in the right roles at the right time to maximise strategy and take advantage of business opportunities sometimes means change needs to occur within the organisation. PeopleEdge can help you design the organisation in line with your strategy, implement the new structure, train your managers in how to deliver the news and manage the change and provide career transition services to those who are leaving the organisation. This allows the business to recover quickly from such change and reinforce the strong, positive reputation of the organisation.

Our Services

Organisational Consulting

Do you need to make change in your organisation and not want to get caught up in a potential legal minefield by not doing it right?

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Executive, Leadership & Workplace Coaching

Could you use some help in achieving workplace success?

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Career Transition / Outplacement Programs

Do you want to ensure those leaving the organisation do so feeling as if they have been treated with dignity and respect? It’s always difficult losing...
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Career Management Services

Do you want to futureproof your organisation to ensure you have the right people in the right jobs at the right time? Do you want to ensure that your people know specifically what path they’re taking and that they are developing the right skills / capabilities to get there?

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