From Connections to Influence: The Art of Strategic Networking in Building a Powerful Personal Brand as an Executive Coach

Building and nurturing a strong network is integral to shaping and enhancing your personal brand, particularly in the realms of leadership and career management.


In my journey, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of networking, both face-to-face and through platforms such as LinkedIn.


Networking is not merely a transactional exchange of business cards or connection requests; rather, it is a strategic investment in relationships that can significantly impact your personal brand and professional trajectory. Throughout my career, I have prioritised networking as a cornerstone of my leadership, career management and business strategies.


Face-to-face networking has been a crucial element of my approach. Attending industry conferences, seminars and networking events has allowed me to establish meaningful connections with fellow professionals. Attending industry conferences and events allowed me to establish a presence within my niche and showcase my expertise in executive coaching, career management and strategic HR advisory.


These personal interactions go beyond the digital realm, creating a foundation of trust and rapport. Sharing insights, experiences and perspectives in person builds a more authentic connection, which is invaluable for cultivating a strong personal brand.


In parallel, the digital landscape has become increasingly significant in the professional arena. Platforms such as LinkedIn offer a dynamic space for professionals to connect, share expertise and foster collaboration. I have actively leveraged LinkedIn to extend my professional reach, sharing articles, insights and updates related to leadership and business. This consistent online presence has contributed to the reinforcement of my personal brand and positioned me as a thought leader in the industry.


Through my strategic networking efforts, I’ve seen tangible outcomes in the form of executive coaching assignments, strategic advisory and collaboration opportunities. These arise not merely from the strength of my qualifications and experience but from the relationships cultivated through networking. Executives and professionals often prefer to collaborate with individuals they know, like and trust and networking provides the avenue for establishing these connections.


One notable aspect of my networking journey is the way it has opened doors to various organisational change and executive coaching assignments. By connecting with professionals across diverse industries, I’ve had the privilege of offering my expertise across a number of areas. This has not only expanded my professional portfolio but has also allowed me to make a positive impact on the leadership and organisational journeys of others.


Collaboration opportunities have also emerged as a direct result of strategic networking. Engaging with professionals who share similar values and goals has led to collaborative projects that benefit both parties involved. Whether it’s joint ventures or knowledge-sharing initiatives, these collaborations amplify the reach of my personal brand and contribute to a richer professional experience.


I’m currently collaborating with a colleague to develop and deliver a program for future female leaders in the Construction sector. This has come about directly as a result of networking and “looking out for” opportunities to work together. It has allowed us both to deliver to our individual strengths and learn from each other at the same time. And it’s a most satisfying experience seeing the cohort involved in the program grow and develop before our eyes.


In essence, networking is an ongoing investment in your personal brand and the returns are often multifaceted. It’s about creating a network that extends beyond immediate professional needs, focusing on building relationships rooted in trust, respect and shared values. This strategic approach to networking has not only shaped my personal brand but has also presented diverse opportunities for growth, collaboration and the continuous evolution of my career and my business interests.


In conclusion, the importance of networking for personal brand development cannot be overstated. Whether through face-to-face engagements or digital platforms such as LinkedIn, strategic networking has been instrumental in shaping my journey. The resulting assignments and collaboration opportunities underscore the profound impact that intentional networking can have on leadership and career management.


Jo Attard Watters is the Managing Principal and Founder of PeopleEdge Coaching & Consulting. Jo is a professional, Master’s degree qualified Executive and Career Management Coach, Consultant, Business Adviser and Academic who works with individuals and organisations to help them “be the best they can be”. With significant experience within both Corporate and Not for Profit sectors, Jo is passionate about seeing her clients succeed in their areas of interest.