Why Did I Start My Own Business?

One of the reasons I started my own business was that I found that senior executives in the organisations I worked in would often pop in to “have a chat”.  


You see, I was the HR Executive who was part of the Executive Team, saw the dynamic and what went on within that team, and was in a position to, within context, hear and understand the concerns of the executive in my office. I was a confidante to many – which they found invaluable.  


Playing that role internally was great, but I truly believed that I was able to help more organisations by offering that service externally.  


In the past ten years, since working full time as an executive coach and consultant in my own practice, I’ve been able to help many executives and business owners, in the same way, resulting in exceptional results through the leaders gaining insight through coaching and enhancing skill through working directly with them in business consulting and advisory services.  


Utilising both consulting and executive coaching modalities, I work with leaders and business owners, one on one and in Mastermind groups of non-competing businesses to enhance their business IQ & EQ, unlocking their blind spots and developing strategies to maximise performance and opportunity.  


Some areas I specifically help businesses with are:  

  • Executive team performance  
  • Navigating Dysfunctional relationships with team members, stakeholders and boards
  • Developing and implementing executive performance management programs  
  • Leadership development  
  • Productivity improvement 


Have you ever thought of using an Executive Coach / Consultant in this way? Want to know more?  

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