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Unveiling the Potential of “Flow” in Coaching for Goal Achievement

As an executive coach dedicated to fostering leadership excellence, I’m enthusiastic about exploring the captivating concept of “Flow” and its profound impact on the journey towards goal attainment. “Flow,” introduced by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, offers significant potential to reshape our approach to coaching for success. Understanding the Essence of “Flow”  “Flow” refers to a mental […]

Reaching Goals through Self-Regulation: An Approach from Coaching Psychology 

As an executive coach devoted to nurturing leadership excellence, I’m excited to explore the influential role of self-regulation in the pursuit of personal and professional goals. Self-regulation, a fundamental element in the coaching process, acts as a guiding light for individuals navigating their way to success.    Understanding Self-Regulation in Coaching  Self-regulation covers the ability […]

Hiring for Potential Rather Than Degrees: Skills-Based Hiring on the Rise

As organisations grapple with the ever-evolving job market, the landscape of talent acquisition is shifting. Organisations of all types are increasingly recognising that the traditional approach of hiring based solely on degrees may not be the most effective way to secure top-tier talent.   Instead, a growing number of organisations are embracing skills-based hiring, putting […]