Take control of your career in 2018


Career success is an achievable goal.  What are you waiting for?

While the Oxford dictionary defines a career as “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress” we all know that things aren’t that straightforward and simple!

Rather than an effortless task, effective career planning and development relies on structure, timeframes and the clear articulation and actioning of tangible goals.

To succeed and thrive in an age of disruption, passivity, at whatever stage of a career, must be replaced with a willingness to take pro-active steps to future proof who you are, how you present yourself and most importantly, what you want.

Professional career coaching and development is becoming increasingly important as an investment that pays dividends, at whatever age or stage of your life.

Here’s a brief insight into how I work with clients to achieve career success:

Consider where you are now and set goals for what you want to achieve 

While this might sound straightforward, articulating and discussing these key elements with a career coach is much more effective than just writing a few dots points on a piece of paper and putting it aside. A career coach will “tease out” things that you don’t necessarily recognise yourself.

Research and analysis

Once we have defined the direction you want to take we research and analyse the key steps that are going to get you there.

The marketing of “you”

The Master Resume | We work together to develop a Master Resume that is achievement, rather than responsibility focused. A standout resume will really set you apart from other candidates and the development of a Master Resume will allow you to craft a resume that is relevant for a specific role rather than taking a one size fits all approach.

LinkedIn | When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? If a prospective employer types your name into a search engine in a lot of instances your LinkedIn profile will show up in the first few search results.  We work to make sure that your profile backs up and reinforces what you have said in your resume, targeting the role you are after.

Networking Strategy | Attending the right events and networking with the right people often opens doors and opportunities that aren’t necessarily advertised.  We develop effective strategies so that you can clearly articulate your value proposition to the right audience. Don’t forget to have a professional business card and to follow up on possible leads as soon as possible.

I work with clients to teach them how to identify potential careers and target organisations which is a skill that can be used over and over again.

Just like life, building a career isn’t all smooth sailing, but as with many worthwhile achievements, planning and persistence do pay dividends.  Working with a career coach provides you with the support and guidance you need and the accountability to follow this through to the end – getting the job you want!

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