CEOs & Boards

It can be a lonely job as a CEO!  PeopleEdge provides a variety of services to CEOs and Boards which assists you, as a CEO to be the best you can be.

From Executive Coaching and Mentoring to assist both your development and to have confidential discussions with, through to facilitating annual performance reviews through a proven independent process between the Board and CEO, PeopleEdge works with you to grow and develop in your role as a  CEO.

Additionally, having “trusted advisers” and confidantes to help clarify and provide guidance when others can’t is a necessity in these times. PeopleEdge provides this through the CEO FOCUS program – a monthly development program where your board of trusted advisers meet to help guide each other to “the right” solutions ….. in a safe, non-competing environment – it’s just what every CEO needs.

Sure, there are other CEO forums and networking groups, but what sets this apart is that it is purely for current CEO’s, reporting to Boards, and has very much a developmental focus.

Talk to PeopleEdge today about how we can help!

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