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CEO FOCUS is a facilitated group program designed for CEOs in the greater Sydney area.  It is a proven group format that provides perspective, support, encouragement, advice and more from others who often will have faced the same issues.


Essentially, CEO FOCUS helps you develop the confidence to make well considered decisions that have a positive impact on your organisation, having had the opportunity to gain clarity and feedback from your “Board of Advisers”: your CEO FOCUS Peers.

Fundamentally, CEO FOCUS is a facilitated group of CEOs from non-competing organisations who meet regularly over a minimum of a twelve month period. A structured format includes significant time for all members to put forward an issue and have a robust discussion with up to eleven peers to assist you in taking appropriate action. Additionally, regular follow up on actions agreed to at the last session also assists in the “Action” component, as without this “accountability” often wanes.

CEO Focus provides you with:

 Clarity of priorities and projects to achieve within your organisation

  • Solutions and ideas, which come from brainstorming with the group
  • An “Advisory Board”: Tap into the experience and skills of others, including the Facilitator
  • Objective feedback on “style”
  • Increased confidence that you’ve made the right decisions and are taking the right actions to achieve your goals
  • Development of a strong network of supportive peers who can be contacted throughout the process (and after) for timely, “in the moment” advice
  • Accountability and real progress in your business life
  • A sense of shared endeavour – there are others out there with similar issues!
  • Design things to be the way you want them to be, not as you’ve been told they “should” be
  • One on one coaching to assist in the development and attainment of goals throughout the process and customized professional development
  • A boost to your everyday positive mental attitude



CEO Focus sessions occur at venues suitable to the participants, generally in the CBD or other venue convenient to participants. Ten sessions on a monthly basis, for half a day, over a twelve month period: no session is generally held in January or July. Prior to the sessions starting, at the six month stage and at the conclusion, you will have a one on one coaching session with the facilitator of the sessions for the following:

Prior:               To ascertain your objectives

6 months:        To ensure you’re on track to meet your objectives and gain feedback

Conclusion:     To ensure objectives met and feedback

Sessions 4 & 8 consist of full day events with half day meeting as usual as well as a networking lunch, guest speaker and facilitated development session.

All participants complete a “Non Disclosure Agreement” prior to commencing the program.

A structured agenda ensures all participants are able to both contribute and learn and develop from the experience.


CEO FOCUS is designed for current CEOs who wish to develop with the help of a “Board of Advisers”: peers, from non-competing organisations. Preferably with a strong background in one or two business disciplines, you will have the desire and drive to reach or exceed your goals.

You’ll want to both contribute and take counsel from your supportive CEO FOCUS partners and be willing to commit to the change required to grow and commit to the process.

Ideally, you’ll be a CEO who reports to a Board or have some experience working with a Board.


12-month commitment: $2,200.00 + GST per participant payable quarterly / $8,000 + GST paid up front.

Following the initial 12 months: $1,740.00 + GST per participant payable quarterly / $6,600 + GST per annum paid upfront.



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