A Time To Reflect‎, Recharge And Get Ready For The Second Quarter

Take a break over Easter – Reflect, Recharge, and Be Ready to Go for Q2!  

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s time to take a well-deserved break after the first quarter of the year.   

The first quarter can be a hectic time. We set our goals and dive into our work, trying to make progress as quickly as possible. We often forget to take a step back and assess how we’re doing, which can lead to burnout and reduced productivity.  


A Time to Reflect 

For many people, Easter is a time for reflection.  Aside from its religious significance—or lack thereof—it’s an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past few months and consider what went well and what could be improved in order to make the next quarter even better. 


That’s why the Easter break is such a valuable time. It provides a chance to step away from our work and reflect on our progress so far.  


We can ask ourselves questions like:  

  • What have I accomplished in the first quarter?  
  • What went well, and what didn’t?  
  • What can I do differently in the second quarter to improve my results?  


By taking the time to answer these questions, we gain perspective and make adjustments as necessary. We might discover that we’re spending too much time on certain activities, for example—or that we need to delegate more effectively. 


Rest and Recharge 

It’s also important to use this time to recharge our batteries. The first quarter can be stressful, and it’s essential to take a break to rest and recharge.  


Spending time with family and friends can be a great way to do this. We can enjoy a meal together, arrange some fun activities or simply relax and catch up.  


Taking the time to recharge can help us face the second quarter with reduced stress and increased energy. This will have a positive impact on our performance and results. We’ll be more focused, creative, and productive, which can lead to even greater success.  


Celebrating Your Wins 

In addition to reflecting and recharging, this is also a time to celebrate.  

It’s a time to acknowledge our achievements so far and to set our sights on new goals for the future. By doing this, we can maintain our momentum and continue to make progress toward our objectives.  


So, as Easter approaches, I encourage you to take the time to reflect, recharge, celebrate, and set your sights on new goals.  


Use this opportunity to assess your progress, make adjustments as necessary, and prepare for an even more successful second quarter. By taking this time, we can reduce stress, increase energy, and improve our performance and results.  


So, take a break, spend time with loved ones, and get ready for an even more successful second quarter! You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.  


Jo Attard Watters is the Managing Principal and Founder of PeopleEdge Coaching & Consulting. Jo is a professional, Master’s degree qualified Executive and Career Management Coach, Consultant, Business Adviser and Academic who works with individuals and organisations to help them “be the best they can be”. With significant experience within both Corporate and Not for Profit sectors, Jo is passionate about seeing her clients succeed in their areas of interest.  

Contact Jo at  jo@peopleedge.com.au for more information.